The MRT 2540 Privilege Plus ST4 is a rotating telehandler specially designed to meet the needs of construction use involving great heights. Its high lifting capacity, 4-point chain boom and full 360° rotation mean you can perform a number of maintenance operations from a single stationary point, whilst the telescopic outriggers ensure unfailing stability even on uneven ground.

Lifting capacity: 4000kg8800lb
Max reach: 18.5 m 60’7″
Drawbar pull: 8200 dan18434 lbf
Moving speed: 36 kmh 22.3 mph
Wheelbase length: 3.05m 10’0″
Width: 2.46m 8’1″
Overall width(stabilizers lowered): 5.11m 16’8″
Height: 3.05m 10’0″
Weight(unladen): 18600kg 41005lb
Turning radius: 4.88m 16’0″
Ground clearance: 0.38m 1’3″